NCLEX-RN Program Details

The NCLEX Review Courses online NCLEX-RN Test Preparatory Program is developed for those intending to attempt the NCLEX RN exam, in order to pursue a carrier as an RN (Registered Nurse) in the United States. Our test prep is a comprehensive review of NCLEX. It consists of various tests and assessments which boost your confidence and strengthen your critical thinking ability.

List of Topics Covered in Our NCLEX Online Test Prep:

Diagnostic Test

  • This assessment test evaluates your understanding of the subject
  • It analyzes how well you have prepared for the test, and how well you are able to apply your learning to answering questions.
  • It enables you to assess your key strengths and problem areas at the end of the test, and arms you with acquired knowledge that helps you prepare yourself better for your next attempt.
  • It provides you with questions that cover all major modules in this section.

Practice Test

  • This test provides you with the ability to select a particular Topic, Difficulty Level, Cognitive Level, Client Needs, and Content Area.
  • It gives you the option of selecting multiple topics/tags, and designing your own test.
  • It analyzes and interprets your scorecard for topics and tags you have selected.
  • It also allows you the option of taking a test without choosing any of these options. It will generate a random test with a mix of multiple topics, level of difficulty, and Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • It provides you with instructional resources to find your answer and move on, in case you’re unable to answer a particular question.
  • It improves your knowledge on every topic.

Mock Test

  • Mock Tests simulate the actual NCLEX examination, and give you a realistic assessment of how well prepared you are.
  • It gives you a maximum of 265 questions of various difficulty levels that you can attempt in 6 hours.
  • It gives you a descriptive and analytical report that helps you identify and work on your problem areas at the end of the test.
  • It provides you with opportunities for unlimited attempts until you are completely confident about answering the NCLEX exam.

Instructional Resources

  • Instructional resources enable you to revise the concept and theory part of any of the NCLEX topics. They are complete with pictures, animations, and audio and flash presentations which make your learning experience interesting and lively.
  • The instructional resources/tutorials are based on extensive research work done by reputed health care professionals.
  • Tutorials consist of 5 main categories

Medical Surgical Nursing
Child Health Nursing
Mental Health Nursing,
Maternal and Newborn Nursing
Nursing Science and Fundamental Skills

All this will equip you with a high level of confidence to face the NCLEX examination.

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